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Tamed Wild Subscription Box

The Tamed Wild Subscription Box is a monthly delivery of magic & earth medicine. Each month is created around a theme and includes items for the earth spirited and the lovers of all things mystical and natural. Deliveries can include crystals, herbs & teas, ritual tools, altar items, jewelry, essential oils & other lifestyle pieces.

This is an amazing Subscription box; I totally recommend it if you are like me. You can subscribe here.

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The things in life…

Here I am and it’s 6:14 am and the first thing I do after I have made my coffee is turn on my Netflix and search for the new show I have been binge watching… “Girlfriends Guide To Divorce”… yes it is soooooo good and I will tell you why I think this show is really good and why I think every woman should watch it.. weather your happily married, not married, have a boyfriend or girlfriend and or not committed… because “Girlfriends” like these I swear you can’t find anywhere… and if there are any out there please say “Hi” because I want to be your friend.

Girlfriends Guide To Divorce”

So a few months ago I saw this show on Netflix but never decided to watch it.. I thought ugh another chic flick maybe something I will definitely get bored and tired quick.. so I would always scroll away from it to watch other shows.. now let’s be honest sometimes we feel some sort of emotion that not even ice cream can make it go as you all know I suffer PTSD, depression and anxiety.. and for the past few months I have been going through some rough patches which would easily trigger my mental health to the point where I would not even recognize who I am nor who I was in the first place.

So within these emotions I decided to try this show and for a moment I felt I was part of it… I found myself crying, feeling emotional and relating to each character in it…but above all Abby … the main character who holds it all in and pretends like everything is ok just because she wants to be the one there for everyone while she is leaving herself alone and forgotten… I can go on and on about is women, about our day to day struggles and what we want, need but can’t ever find.. from diapers and dirty clothes… to wine and sexy lingerie…

Now let’s admit one thing here.. life freaking sucks sometimes because of all the adulting we have to do and commit too… but let’s also face that when we truly embrace nature, and the true meaning of life.. we can over see and over come any obstacle we come across, and why is this? .,. Well I guess we all know the answers to this… “we are women” and “we are damn strong”… we are truly goddess and beautiful souls that can cry and smile at the same time without others seeing the pain… now who can carry that power?…. WE do!!!

So as the days went by I began really relating to this show to a point I realized… hey!!! You need to get back to writing, you love to pore your heart and thoughts on a peace of paper and these thoughts can empower any women struggling in the real world.. yeah not everyone has the resources to write and be successful but in this world nothing is impossible… I noticed that these women carried a special character that related to my own persona.. it doesn’t mean I have multiple personalities… I believe they know how to create such show that we can sit and say wtf … I am a little of everyone … but I truly relate to Abby… this mom, sister, friend, wife and daughter who carries it all and never shows the pain until she explodes… but guess what?… she still gets back up and takes control of herself.

And here I am still watching this show.. holding on to something to help me cope with my emotional pain… I love how my mind can escape to a different stage when I dive in these personalized characters and can help but notice that I too can make of my life anything I want.. yes even if we are strong, we need someone or something to remind us the purpose of it all.. now where does it go?… we will never know right, all we can do is live each day and try to make the best of our laughter, cries, pain and anguish… be there for me and I will be there for you..

Take some time to watch it… I will guarantee the deeper you dive.. the deeper you will find yourself and you too will come to some senses as to what you want to accomplish in life.. not all is over.. we have so much to give in life.. we just need to be stronger and confident than we normally are.. so don’t take my word for it.. head on over to “Netflix “ and binge watch “Girlfriends Guide To Divorce “… then come on over and give me your thoughts.. I love picking other peoples brains… until then and my next blogging post.. come on over..invite your girlfriends.. grab your wine, coffee or tea.. heck even a beer and enjoy reading my different stories…

Yours truly ….

Jessica Torres

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The Goddess Chic Podcast…

Do you love Podcasts?… how often do you subscribe to them and which topics better interest your brain?…

With my mental health issues and just plain women issues around the world I have been itching to create my own “Podcast” been working behind the scenes and once done and ready we will launch.. I can’t wait to share ideas and topics.. there has been so much stigma with Depression and other health issues… we need to break the silence and this is my purpose behind our “Podcast”..

Why sit and enjoy your coffee without listening to some nice talk about what really matters to you and what matters to me.. my experience can help you and your experience can help me… uplifting women and empowering them is my main goal.. I love to share my experience with other woman so they know how much I have struggled and still struggling and push myself everyday to better myself and be successful.. we all have a story.. I want to hear your story..

So stay tuned and again subscribe to this blog if you are interested in receiving notifications about our upcoming amazing and powerful “Podcast”… because I believe this will make a difference in women’s lives

Yours truly: Jessica Torres

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Panic mode?…

Well… I guess everyone was in total panic mode due to Facebook, Instagram and Wassap being down… I mean hello of course we become panic especially those Entrepreneurs like me, who use these platforms for our business.

Image not mine

As I enjoyed many cups of coffee, binge watching shows like Evil, Midnight Mass, The Good Witch and did some cleaning… that was my panic mode for the duration of this Shutdown .. I also did some research on a freaking awesome Book Of Shadow I want to create…. No I honestly don’t practice anything.. I just love my ancestors tradition., of course I love my cleansing and blessings which helps not only my soul, my home but also bacteria’s around.. did you know that Sage kills bacteria?… you’re welcome

Yup!!., this is me..and if you would love to follow my TikTok plz do so.. I will follow you back.

Now that all social media is back in action I have had enough time for myself.. so until tomorrow.. and if you want to be on the loop with my new project.. just click that subscribe button and stay tuned for many projects I have been working on to help me with my Mental Health… as long as I am Happy… nothing else matters..

Blessed be 🖤 Love

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Tamed Wild

I am always happy to see my #tamedwild monthly boxes… I thank my friend and sister Alyssa for introducing me to this magical subscription..

This months Tamed Wild Box is all about honoring the masculine. For June, it is of course, the god Lugh. Lugh is the Celtic God of craftsmanship, poetry, and the arts. He is a skilled blacksmith and the patron deity of Lugnasadh, the start of harvest season. 🌾
Links in my bio if interested in being part of this great monthly subscription of magically goodies 🔮

subscriptionboxes #subscriptionboxaddict #livethelittlethings #livelife #loveislove #loveyourself #thelittlethings #makingmyselfhappy

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PTSD month and GirlBossesBeauty

Many years ago I decided to take the stigma away and share my condition of PTSD and because this month of June is National Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month, and is intended to raise public awareness about issues related to PTSD, reduce the stigma associated with PTSD, and help ensure that those suffering from the invisible wounds of war receive proper treatment.

I have challenged my team #girlbossesbeautycelesty to create a look that can relate to all women, men, children who are suffering with the most invisible wound ever.. I want to thank Team to take a stand and break the silence with me.. 💋 #ptsdawareness #ptsdawarenessmonth #ptsdsurvivor #womenlinkup #womensupportingwomen #empoweringwomen #girlbossesbeautychallenge

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My Why!!

💋When I decided to join this new #mlm I knew it would really make a difference in my life and how I thought about this industry.. I am stepping stones slowly but making sure I am on the right path to my success and my family.,. My 𝗪𝗛𝗬 is very important to me and helps me everyday to work harder and never give up… 💋

As days, months and years go by your 𝗪𝗵𝘆 can change… for me it’s my depression, PTSD and my anxiety.. conditions that can take control of my emotions in a blink of an eye..and for this reason I need and want to be home.. I can socialize, I can go out..but for quick moments I just want to be home because being there makes me feel safe.. I will never give up on making my dream come true.. to be able to stay home, full time and work in what makes me happy… makeup, networking and empowering other women.

💋I have tried almost all the products and I have never been so pleased with the quality of what entails to create the best ingredient around… I am so happy and pleased and I hope to share more surprises through your my journey with Celesty 💋 #celestyisrockingmyworld #girlbossesbeautycelesty #YosoyCelesty #iamcelesty #girlbosslife #celestybeautycare #celestyfamily 💋

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A huge successful month to begin

This month has been a huge success by far… I took the leap to leave a company and joined one by heart.. and today I still have no regrets.. today I am turning one month with this company and have gained a downline and legs.. we are growing and we are working hard.. this team of amazing strong women has given me faith that #empoweringwomen still exists..

I am Associate 12 and still have a few hours to reach my goal of Associate 15… so let’s see who else wants to join these amazing women #girlbossesbeautycelesty …. Where becoming is a team is everything 💋 I am so happy to have linked hands with these women and happy they have trusted my leadership 💋 here’s to a amazing and strong month ahead 🍻

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My new journey….. Celesty

Starting a new journey is always scary and exciting together… it can either build you stronger or make you decide which category you want to be in..I choose to become stronger, every time my heart chooses a new journey it’s because I am unhappy with my last one.. and trust me when I tell you I take time to just move on. I do my research and homework and then choose the path that makes myself feel clear.

This new journey wasn’t chosen by me…it was chosen by my heart and gut instinct. I let myself be guided to choosing what’s best for me and my family.. as a woman who suffers depression, anxiety and ptsd I struggle to get out of bed. I struggle to get dressed, to go out and meet other people, to run errands is a struggle for me…you name it.. So I need to find what will allow my growth to be seen and heard, to join a company where I am not treated as a number but as someone who has passion for uplifting and #empoweringwomen and embracing beauty from within..because us women…we are all beautiful in many ways, we are special and we are strong.. so I use my platform to link hands with women who can relate to me…

I found this new journey through my friend and actual business partner.. it was like a light switch.

I am feeling so happy, free and relieved and I know now in my heart that this business will be the one to allow me and my wife to stay home and have that financial freedom we’ve always wanted..

So if you’re curious and want to know more about this journey.. just hit that subscribe button and follow my YouTube channel for my unboxing as well..

Some of the many reasons I joined celesty were because of their, Clean European Ingredients, Less than 400 enrolled in the US, Demand for makeup from my network, 50% commissions and guess what????… if you do other beautiful business you don’t want to let go…it’s ok. Keep being that fashionista you strive, that coach and that leader.. and That’s why and others are already joining me!! Need more information?

Make sure you click on this link to know more about this amazing new company GirlBosses Beauty Celesty 💋

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Dear Jessica

Dear Jessica,

How are you doing? I haven’t heard from you in a long time.. it seems I been trying to reach you and I can’t find you.. I can’t hear your voice, I can’t seem to hear your laughter, your jokes, I can’t see your smile or your happy eyes.. where are you Jessica?

Dear Jessica,

Remember the times where you would make dorky jokes and for some reason you would laugh at them alone 😂, remember how you use to love to cook and bake?, how you use to love to listen to music and dance without caring who was watching?, when you use to put music just to clean and would end up dancing with the broom or mop 😂, remember how you would invite people to your house just because you loved being the host?… Jessica I remember this and so much more..but before I continue I need to ask where are you Jessica?

Dear Jessica, remember how you would constantly sing because you loved listening to the beat of the music on your chest?, remember how you loved reading, crocheting, making Jewelry and video games?, God I remember how your laughter brighten the room…everyone would laugh just because you laughed 😂… Jessica where are you? 😒 I remember how you would bright any room with your presence, I remember how you would always be there for everyone that needed you no matter what…because this would make you happy. Where are you Jessica? That goofy girl who was always jumping with joy, running, screaming with joy and just living your best life… I remember you gave so much to many people, I remember your playing times to make everyone feel joyful without worrying how you felt… where are you Jessica?

Dear Jessica,

I miss you so much.. I ache everyday wondering where have you gone, I see you and I feel you but you’re empty, quiet, sad, day dreaming, angry, and always wondering but yet I still see the beautiful woman I once met, the beautiful woman I once felt, the beautiful women I once talked to, the beautiful woman I once laughed with… Jessica…. I know you’re still there.. come out and let yourself be seen… you won’t regrets it… life is getting tougher in times and you need to start living…come back Jessica please I need you and so does everyone else 😒