Books I Loved So Far…


In this section I will always be updating list of books I either already read or am adding to my list of to read books.

So don’t go by what you see, if you want to know the books I update on a constant basis, just follow my blog or this thread. On this pile I have wonderful books that has motivated me, and lifted me in many ways, either organizing, healing, and just for the fun of.

God Wears Lipstick, I have read like three time and I totally recommend it, (don’t be fooled by the title it’s not 100% religious), this book shows us women how powerful we are and how we can do anything and everything we want. This book is by The Kabbalist Karen Berg, she is an amazing healer who has her healing centers in New York.Women are nourishers of the world, and as such, we are the messengers of God“- Karen Berg


Eve, is a book that will bring so much thoughts in your mind and realize we are so important. Eve is a bold, unprecedented exploration of the Creation narrative, with breath taking discoveries that challenge traditional beliefs about who we are and how we’re made. Eve opens a refreshing conversation about the equality of men and women within context of our beginnings, helping us to see each other as our Creator does-complete, unique, and not constrained by cultural rules of limitations. This book is written by W.M. Paul Young.


Girlboss, is a really interesting book, (I also watched the T.V Show), it’s more for women who are looking to start their business and need that push and motivation to see we can make anything happen from nothing. Sophia Amoruso goes from zero to hero in less time that you can imagine, in a blink of an eye, she made her dreams come true and it is amazing how she did it. “Girlboss is more than a book… it’s a movement” -Lena Dunhan


1001 Pearls of Wisdom, is more of a daily motivational book, which has given so much insights to my day to day events and activities. when I need a boost of motivation and or feel someone in my social media needs, I come to this book and just write some quick motivational tips, I just read and mark down, and honestly it does help. (Writing is really essential for your soul when you are battling depression).  This books is written by David Ross, and I am not done, I still have some pages to finalize, but I can assure you, once I am done, I will continue to re-read.


Joy for the Journey, this is a Woman’s book full of Joyful Promises, and this little book I always keep in my purse, it helps me through out the day and sometimes during my struggles, it is written by several Authors like, Elisabeth Elliot, Liz Curtis Higgs, Barbara Johnson, Luci Swindoll and Joni Eareckson Tada. “There is so much beauty around us, if we only take the time to notice it“.



So I am going to add more books that will guide me and maybe you can check out, I will not wright reviews of them all just some as time goes by, if I feel a book was really good, then I will write a review.

This is just the beginning of my help desk to your heart about books that can help you as it has helped me.


Yours truly Jessica (Perfectly Imperfeckt)




On Friday my wife and I had the opportunity to visit Seaworld..and me tell you, it was amazing. From the moment we walked through the check up to the moment we said goodbye for the day.

We first got on a ride called Manta..I’ve always loved getting on rides but I am not a risk taker and ever since I married my amazing wife, my risks for rides are intense. Like I am not afraid anymore. I use to take a moment to look at the rides and see how they function before I got on them, but now… I just get on them.

After that we decided to take a look at the shows. First one was the whale shows, wow it was amazing and touching, why? Well because these killer whales have a story and seeing them do and train so well brings a smile to anyone.

This was my very first time seeing such amazing and talented show. I know for a fact it will not be my last time, I am definitely coming back.

Seeing each whale show off like this makes you say, this is not real, how can they even know when to love or jump etc… the brightness behind each trainer is truly a blessing, you really have to have love to endure what these amazing trainers do for these whales.

After this show we walked and ate some ice cream and other goodies. We really didn’t do much because it was our first time and I wanted to enjoy the shows, but we are definitely heading back and taking more pictures.

We also saw the dolphin show which almost made me cry, God seeing these creatures do such show can really bring the child in you.

In each picture there is a story and if I can define what it is..I would define, happiness, love and joy, animals deserve to be loved and treated well. I have never seen such happy animals like I have seen this day in this park.

This was a ride called Wild Atlantic. A helicopter simulator that makes it feel like you are flying over the Atlantic, then you arrive and see, feel ice and the freshness of the Atlantic Ocean.

Our journey to SeaWorld was a true journey, we are coming back for more.

Yours truly

Jessica (perfectly Imperfeckt)

My Sunday Travel..

Today was more like a local travel day for me. Besides running a couple of errands I took the liberty of visiting this pretty local coffee shop in our downtown Orlando area.

Thanks to Jade Barrett for having a giveaway on her blog where she teamed up with this amazing shop. The prize was a delicious drink called “Painkiller”..jajaja yes you heard correctly. It’s a glass of cold brew, vanilla ice cream, cream of coconut, orange and nut meg.


Look how delicious this drink looks…imagine the taste. My wife and I had fun sharing our drink today. Its exciting because we try and do everything together and just have a blast…sometimes we turn our journeys into date nights.

These cups are beautiful and you can get your drinks served in these by purchasing them at the coffee shop.

As we entered the location you can just smell the amazing aroma of coffee, the layout, chairs, tables makes it all so welcome to stay and just chit chat with your girlfriends.

I haven’t been long in the sunny state of Florida..but all I can say is I am having a blast exploring new places and trying to adjust to the weather, i sometimes miss my cold season but living here has brought so much peace and harmony to my heart and soul and only God knows how much of that I do need.
So while today I had a short fun time at Craft & Common maybe next weekend it can be at your place. 🌸

Make sure you check them out and ask for Lindsay…she is so sweet and charming.

If you want to follow Jade just head over to @wanderlovingjade and let her know Jessica sent you. She would be happy to see you stop by and say hi…dont we all.

Yours truly:

Jessica Torres (perfectly Imperfeckt)🌸

Crockpot Night

Hispanic families tend to go all out when we cook. We do the whole from scratch and all seasons.. jaja I guess we just love that magic taste.

Last night after almost a year I decided to have a crockpot night. I love to just let my food sit and cook while I enjoy maybe a movie or just journaling. I did “Arroz blanco con Pollo guisado “…. that’s “White rice and Stewed chicken ” I will give you how I make it and what I add to make the taste my own.

Here I put my water to boil first


  1. Potatoes (red, I always use red potatoes, why? Well these tend to have a sweet taste.
  2. Carrots
  3. Onions
  4. Green Peppers
  5. Pimiento Morrones, which is red pre cooked with sauce.
  6. Basil leaves
  7. Chineese onions
  8. Sazon
  9. Salsa
  10. And the best taste…..a can of beer. This gives it that final voila taste.
  11. Adobo
  12. And last the chicken…. let it sit on high in your crockpot and enjoy a relaxing time while it cooks.

White rice, just add:

  1. Water
  2. Oil
  3. Rice….I dont use salt in my rice, most people do but I dislike it.

Enjoy,…I will soon share my famous bbq a la coca cola, yes you heard correctly.

Yours truly Jessica

Have a beautiful Monday!

Love does exist!!


Today marks ones year in which I met my soul mate, yes…. soul mates does exist, just like my blog is titled “Imperfectly Perfeckt” (with the ckt end purposely), love is not perfect but I can say it sure does freaking exist.

It all began 1/27/2018 at 5:21 pm, the first message I got from her on facebook after the friends request she sent me. We met through our mutual friend, .. well she was my friend in person and her friend via facebook,.. I had a really bad day and talked to my friend and told her how I felt and how I was ready to stop looking for love in all the wrong places, (I was single for two years already so for me I just wanted to give up,..and single by choice, because I am very picky when it comes to dating or just friending someone). I was really disappointed and just driving around with my daughter when all of a sudden my friend send me a pic,.

Well she literately sent me three pics of the same person,. my daughter tells me, “mom look at this”, lol it was funny because my daughter wasn’t this way with me, it was like a sign. I stopped at a red light and looked at my phone, and this is what my friend sent me.

I was like okayyyyy,… why you sending me pics of random people? She said,.. well this chic is single, lives in Florida and I have a gut feeling she is your soul mate. I was like come on Sol, how can this be? and really, I just want to be alone and keep taking time for myself, (I had spent two years single and really enjoying things I forgot I needed because I was busy depressing my life for situations really not worth it), so my friend insisted in me giving myself another try, so then and there my daughter says mom, “she is hot” and “hey, you always wanted to start again in Florida, maybe this is your time”, it really captured my thoughts and I told my friend ok, to let this chic know she can friend me.

(My birthday was on the 31st of January, so my friends and my daughter had planned a weekend get away with me in Boston, so this was basically my conversation on and off, about my birthday preparations).

So this same night as I told my friend to let her know she can friend me, she did and at around 5:21pm we began our small, nice conversations. She said, “Hi, How are you?” and I replied, “I am good and yourself”?. that small talked leaded to so much feelings that today April 29th, 2018 we are celebrating our first year Anniversary.

We kept chatting and asking questions about each other via text, voice messaging, then video, where I even met her family and she met mine. It felt as if we knew each other for years and how much we had in common. We were both Newyorkers, our parents been there since young. we were both born in the same hospital which was like too much to grasp,. so God knows who is your soul mate. My friend and her fiance were planning their wedding, so as you know She was invited and flew from Florida to Massachusetts just to meet me, then and there I realized what a special women she was,. I mean now days it is tough to fly and meet a stranger without having bad thoughts in your mind, I would… it is freaking scary, but yet she trusted and felt I was ment to be her girlfriend.

She flew to Massachusetts for three days and let me tell you, it was the best three days I have had in my 43 years of life, (I am now 44 by the way,. 🙂 ). We shared so much it was magical, she met my family, and the bond is never forgotten. It was like a movie for me, looking and seeing her bond with my kids and grand-kids, at that moment I had a pause and recorded the best moment of my life so I can treasure for ever in my mind like a computer.

During my friends wedding, as they were having their vows read to each other all I can do is stare at this women who came into my life like a thief in the night to wake and shake my soul and say, “Hey, here I am,..the one to make you happy, smile, and cry tears of joy, the one to care for you when you are sick, the one to take all the pain away, and she has done this since day one. (I will be lying to you if id say it has been perfect because it hasn’t, but what rose doesn’t have the strong stems that cut your fingers, yet you smell, love and plant them right?) well that is love, perfectly imperfect.

It was time for her to leave back to Florida, not before I put a ring on her, I felt so much passion and love for her I wanted her to stay, but obligations had to be done.

All I need to say is Love does exist people, stop giving up on yourself and being hard on yourself, let love life and let love find you, because this woman found me, I didn’t even know about her existence but she knew about me and never gave up. Marriage isn’t perfect but when Love is there you can over come anything and everything, I promise this I am saying is true. Everyday I look at this woman and I fall in Love with her, I love sharing my days and nights, we do everything together and I mean everything, from waking up, to eating, watching movies and hanging out. We are each others friend, we have each others back, whether we are right or wrong, no one cant gt in between us because we defend each other like glue.

Love is involuntary. Brain science tells us it’s a drive like thirst. It’s a craving for a specific person. It’s normal, natural to “lose control” in the early stage of romance. Love, like thirst, will make you do strange things, But knowledge is power. It’s a natural addiction and treating it like an addiction can help you.

We were built to fall in love. Are YOU in love?

The ancient Greeks called love “the madness of the gods.” Modern psychologists define it as it the strong desire for emotional union with another person. But what, actually, is love. It means so many different things to different people. Songwriters have described it, “Whenever you’re near, I hear a symphony.” Shakespeare said, “Love is blind and lovers cannot see.” Aristotle said, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

Love happily and let Love find you.

Always Jessica (Imperfectly Imperfeckt ME)

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Cricut Machines

Working with a cricut machine isn’t as easy as 1,2,3…you need to really do your homework. I have done cups, mugs and other small knick knacks, but today my wife and I decided to work on t-shirts for a family project and it really is taking a toll, we need to understand it completely to make this work as it is desired.

We are working on this special project, once done I will share a picture of the shirt done and ironed.

Makes me want to hair as I try vinyl afyer vinyl and messing up, over spending money and going crazy, 🤣🤣, but I am sure it will be done. One day,… hopefully, we do have until August to have them ready, so at least that will buy me some time to either keep pulling my damn hair or over spending on vinyl.

I love my machine, I really can care less the hard ache, I can be able to make and customize anything and everything I want, being a wedding and event planner with a machine like this is like superman with his kryptonite.

Until then let me just get back to this mess I have in my office.


Drop dead diva….show

I don’t know about you, but I must say I am so in love with this show, it has so much power in it. She is amazing, I began watching for 3 days and just can’t get enough. .
Although I am already upset I read this show died after season 6 I still am catching up and hoping one day they can bring back more. 😘 #bringbackdropdeaddiva we will see what will happen 🤣🤣.
I love her style, her motivation, her motive behind her career and her enthusiasm, although she is not the real Jane, remember the real Jane is bringing the best out of Deb, and that says a lot, and vice versa, because Deb has brought out the best in Jane, like her relationship with her mom.⚘I have more to write and share about this on my blog. .
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Us and bags

I don’t know about you, but a girl without a bag is like being naked. I love bags and live to collect them, anywhere a d everywhere I go I need to have one,…I am loving my new #pradabag and especially the color.
We cant have enough when it comes to bags, we need every color, every style.
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Shoes that take your breath away

Oh my God, I fell I love with these shoes by @libby_edelman at @jcpenney and I had to try them on. Why is it we go shopping for or with someone else and we end up finding something when we least expect it. .
Loving the fabric on it. .
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Welcome Spring…

How can you not love #spring, when all you can admire is the fresh changes in flowers blooming. The smell and aroma. 🌸🏵

Spring brings joy to my life and happiness to my surroundings, I love having flowers around the house and make sure the smell is felt among it.
Spring is the season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth seems to come to life again. … There are two equinoxes, one in the spring and one in the fall. The spring, or vernal, equinox occurs around.

What are your favorite flowers? Mine are crazy daisies, Rose’s and gardenias.